About Us

CMS Fruit is a software company that specializes in creating software innovations that help your business thrive. We have been producing high quality professional software products and services since 2008. Our office is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our development team consists of an elite group of seasoned programmers and designers working together with one common goal and that is to deliver useful quality software products and services that help empower businesses for growth. Our software products allow users to manage and operate their websites with ease and efficiency, by putting all the tools they need right at their fingertips, while still ensuring the highest level of security by using the latest encryption methods available. Our ultimate goal is to provide users with quality software products and services that add value to their website and increase their overall sales figures.

Our customers and their professional needs are our highest priority. We strive for excellence and we eagerly anticipate feedback from our users, so that we can continuously improve our software products and ensure that we cater to your technological needs. We hope that you enjoy our website and our software products!