JTurbo ChangeLog

Version 2.4

  • Made compatible with Joomla 3.0.
  • Code cleanup and performance enhancement.

Version 2.3

  • Added "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header to font file types per web standard requirement.
  • Added file verify during sync to ensure file was not corrupted during upload.
  • Fixed a couple PHP warnings and notices on Joomla speed extension.

Version 2.2

  • Added UK (United Kingdom) support.
  • Fixed issue with "Get API credentials" button in settings page in admin.

Version 2.1

  • Fixed issue with memory_limit error causing white page on sync page in admin section when tens of thousands of files.
  • Fixed issue with some CSS files breaking if they weren't properly formatted originally.

Version 2.0

  • Added Automatic Scan and Sync feature to scan/sync based on a interval.
  • Added support for offloading .eot, .otf, .svg, .ttf, .woff, & .ico file types.
  • Added support for Rackspace Cloudfiles.
  • Replaced HTML compression library with 3rd party Minify_HTML library which resolves issues with incorrectly compressing the final display HTML in some cases.
  • Fixed issue with blank white screen on frontend when website has tens of thousands of files and increased performance and decreased memory usage by loading only specific files that are on the page.
  • Optimized codebase.

Version 1.5.12

  • Changed column file_name in jos_jturbo_file from max length of 60 characters to 77 characters to avoid long filenames from being truncated.

Version 1.5.11

  • Added onFailure to ajax calls on admin scan/sync page to prevent sync operation from appearing frozen on the web browser when still running in background.

Version 1.5.10

  • Added a smart cache function on the front-end for caching files progressively while synchronizing.
  • Added total files count to admin page.
  • Increased synchronization performance.
  • Fixed bug with synchronization stalling or failing randomly.

Version 1.5.9

  • Changed JTurbo Joomla Speed Accelerator to be free!
  • Added loss-less squish image optimization/compression feature to increase performance.
  • Added hotlinking prevention feature to prevent bandwidth theft.
  • Added caching on the front end when loading file records to increase performance.
  • Moved all compression features to Blue Hat Network in order to achieve advanced compression methods and increased performance.
  • Performed regular code and file cleanup.

Version 1.5.8

  • Changed file scan & sync structure to upload one file at a time due to a bug with curl_multi in certain versions of PHP 5

Version 1.5.7

Version 1.5.6

  • Added slight performance increase by using built in php json functions.
  • Fixed small bug with offloading files embedded in articles.

Version 1.5.5

  • Added HTTPS (SSL) support!
  • Improved HTML compression mechanism.

Version 1.5.4

  • Increased speed by switching to from Rackspace for better performance and more features!
  • Added automatic GZip compression of files!

Version 1.5.3

  • Excluded textarea elements from obfuscation due to lost line breaks
  • Fixed issue with JTurbo Joomla Speed Accelerator plugin causing blank pages on some pages

Version 1.5.2

  • Added ability to reset JTurbo Joomla Speed Accelerator from within the Settings page
  • Added Polish and Urdu translations
  • Added backend error logging for debugging purposes
  • Fixed issue with cloud offloading of files when Joomla is installed in sub-directory of root
  • Fixed issue with synchronization failing with servers that can not detect content-type
  • Fixed issue with scan and synchronization of files failing when encountering a PHP exception
  • Fixed issues with JSMin

Version 1.5.1

  • Initial Stable Release